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your guppies

Please note, these are just my opinions from experience to help get you started. I did not get them from books, the internet, or any other source, just my experiences.


First of all, if all you want your guppies for is breeding, then you should keep them in a tank by themselves. What I always do, is I buy, or use from the previous litter, either two or three females and one male. All of these fish must show exellent coloration and all must be healthy so that the offspring will be healthy too. Then make sure they get plenty of light each day, I give mine about 1 hour of light on the lid, but I always, until I go to bed, leave on my bedroom light which gives them really all the light they need, and feed them a good diet, I normally feed mine flake and blood worms, then wait. After their first mating, it will be about 28 days before the babies are born. You can tell when the mother is about to give birth when you see a black dot around her anus. Keep in mind, every female guppy, I have not heard of one who hasn't, can have many litters from just one mating. So be prepared! When you find the mother giving birth, simply place her in a breeding box, or make sure you have bunches of plants for the babies to hide from their mother, for she will eat them. After she is done having birth, if you have another tank, move her to it. You can feed the fry (the baby guppies) newly hatched brine shrimp, or/and a powered formula you can buy at pet shops.


About 4 or 5 months later, your babies should be big enough to live with mom and dad and all their fishy friends. Ever so, a guppy is not fully grown until it is around 8 months old. Also, if you want to be like the professionals, you should divide the boys from the girls. Now to do this, you should have AT LEAST 3 tanks. One for the boys, one for the girls, and one, the breeding tank. One good thing you could do that involves this hoppy and making money is to sell your guppies. Hey, what a better way to have fun and make money all in one?! You COULD use this money for yourselves, or you could buy more tanks for you fish. But make sure before you sell all of your fish, if you want to keep breeding, to pick out the best males and females to use for your next litter!


Simple. All female guppies are larger then the males and have very little color. All the males are just a tiny bit smaller and have beautiful coloration. Also, if you will shine a bright light over the container, you will see a black dot near the females anus. This is another way to tell the difference between males and females.

If you have any further questions regarding breeding, feel free to e-mail me at: