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Please note, these are just my opinions from experience to help get you started. I did not get them from books, the internet, or any other source, just my experiences.

Guppies are probably one of the most hardiest fish to take care of. If you are looking for a pet that is hardy, I strongly recommend the guppy. The main things for taking care of a guppy is: a nice, roomy aquarium, the right water, a good filter, plenty of light, food, and a heater.

The tank you choose should at least be in the 2-10 gallon range, which is perfect for a guppy. The PH of the water should be around 7.0 to 7.4 which is what guppies do best in. The aquarium must have some sort of lighting, for how would you like to be in darkness all the time? You can buy cheap hoods at places like Wal-Mart or the pet store that range about 10-20 dollars with a place for a lighting fixture. You can feed guppies tropical fish flakes, blood worms, brine shrimp and many other things you can get at pet stores. I STRONGLY sugguest you get some sort of filter, so the guppies won't live in dirty water. A good kind is simply a box filter that fits in the corner of your aquarium. Another must have is a heater. A ten gallon requires a 50 watt heater, which aren't expensive at all. Once you have all these things, you are ready to get your fish.

Now it is time for the funnest part, getting the fish! You can go to a pet store or adopt guppies from me. I promise, if you adopt from me, your guppies will be in good health when they leave. But if you decide to get your guppy from the pet store, here are the things to watch out for: Make sure your guppy or guppies are swimming normally, not slowly at the bottom. Make sure your guppy has good color and no sign of white dots, rotting fins, bubble eyes, fungus, or just anything that makes it look different, in a bad way, from the other fish. If you are getting females, watch out if they are mixed in a tank with males, for they might be pregnet. Last, if the sales clerk lets you, try to net the fish you want instead of them doing it. I am not saying all sales clerks are bad, its just some are real rough, and they may not get the fish you wanted. Now that you have you fish, float them in their plastic bag on top of your aquarium for 15 minutes. Then open the bag and let some of the tank water in, then let it float for 15 more minutes. MAKE SURE that when you let your fish out, don't put the water they came in in your tank, simply use the net and scoop them out. Then DA DA! You have beautiful guppies to watch and enjoy!

If you have any further questions regarding your guppy care, feel free to e-mail me at: