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Hello. My name is Ashley and this is my Guppy Site. I am a current breeder of half-black blues, which I got my first trio from a guppy breeder in California. I have created this site so guppy breeders and hobbiest can come together and get questions answered and also information off of the site. I am working on helpful pages to add, so that this site will provide the hobbiest (and breeder) with as much information as possible. Please feel free to leave all comments in the guestbook, and ask questions in the new forum. I will try my best to reply that same day so you don't have to wait too long for the information.

Upcoming News: Well, I've got the Breeding and Care Sites up now, enjoy and I hope they help you out!

Please sign the guestbook everyone! You don't even have to leave any comments, just PLEASE! Sign the guestbook!

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Ashley's Guppy Site

Due to sickness, I will be unable to take any more guppy orders
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