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The following links are to some of my favorite guppy sites. I am sure you'll enjoy them. If you have a guppy site and would like it to be placed on here, then e-mail me at:
Be sure to give me the address, the name of your site, and your name.

My Guppy Links

LLGH: This is the LLGH. A great site with tons of info and pics.
IFGA: The International Fancy Guppy Association. *WONDERFUL* site.
SJGG: The South Jersey Guppy Group. Another wonderful site.
Georgia Guppy Group: Great guppy site.
PPGA: The Pan Pacific Guppy Association. May take a while to load, but its worth it.
Lonestar Guppy Hatchery: I love this site =)
Ashley's Guppy Club: My Guppy Club on Yahoo.
The Online Guppy Club: Another club in yahoo thats worth checking out.

Guppy Breeders

Dave's Guppy Hatchery: Great site with some good strains for sale.
Award Winning Guppies: Also has good strains for sale.
Show Guppies: These gups are rather expensive, but its worth it because of quality.
Ashley's Guppy Site: Of course, my site.
Guppy Alternative: Where I ordered my gups. Great prices.

Sites Sent In

Chucky's Crew: A cute site.
Amber and Silver's Guppy Site: One of my friend's site. Very cute.
Delta Guppies: Pretty show quality gups at good prices.