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with Chucky's Crew!

Would you like to have a "Pen Pal" to chat with about your gups? Then register with Chucky's Crew! All you have to do is fill out the form below!

Since this is a brand new addition to Chucky's Crew, it may be a while before you actually recive your Pen Pal. Also, I am planing to see how this works, if its a hit, and people like it, I will keep it, but if no one registers, I will delete it. So, please, register for you will be glad that you did! Also, be sure to fill in ALL the questions, or you may not recieve a Pen Pal. Before you are found a Pen Pal, I will personally e-mail you just to let you know your Pen Pal is being searched for and that if he/she says anything that bothers you, to e-mail me and tell me and I will be sure to take care of it. Now all you have to do is register with the form below then send it in and as soon as one is found, I will e-mail you and give you more info on what needs to be done.

If you would like a Pen Pal, fill out this form!

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Sex (M/F):
Your Location (Just State):
Your E-mail (MUST HAVE):
What type of guppies do you breed/own:

Anything special you want about your Pen Pal? Examples: Male/female, Snakeskin Guppy breeder...